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A Kiss

By Tressa Sanders

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Book Details

Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Type: Fiction
Genre: Fiction - Noir
Pages: 398
Edition: First
ISBN: 0-9752772-3-5
Published: 10/10/2017
Collection: Classic Noir
Movie: A Kiss

It’s 1944, war time. The city is hot and tense. Crime has shot through the roof and jobs are scarce. If you are lucky enough to have two meals a day you can consider yourself rich. There’s talk of moral corruption on every radio station in town. It’s rough living; especially for voluptuous BARBARA WRIGHT, the only girl of seven, who uses her beauty to earn money as a pin-up model while her roommate and childhood friend, a demure JUDITH LANE, an only child, grinds away at a desk job. Living together in a small, one-room apartment, the two friends barely make ends meet. But all of their money troubles will be over as soon as Judith gets the promotion she’s been slaving for. That is until her boss, RHODA SMITH, offers her the promotion with a condition she cannot accept; turning their whole world upside down.

Already behind on the bills, Barbara and Judith are in trouble. Judith, unable to use the only job she’s had as a reference, is unable to find work. To make things worse, Rhoda’s proposal stirs up old feelings in Judith she thought she’d forgotten long ago. Only then does Judith start to recognize Barbara’s actions toward her for what they’ve been all along. It terrifies her. Suddenly, more is at stake than the loss of a roof over their heads. They could lose their freedom or worse, the undeniable bond between them that neither would ever want to give up.

As Barbara and Judith struggle to pay for the necessities they grow closer together and refuse to abandon each other. Faced with eviction, a desperate Barbara turns to PATSY KELLY, a gritty, pin-up photographer, for more work. Patsy reluctantly points her in the direction of one RICHARD MANN, an attractive pin-up photographer with lots of dirty money and a bag full of tricks for beautiful, desperate women.

It doesn’t take long before Richard is involved in every aspect of Barbara’s life. Unknown to Judith, Richard is using his charm, tricks and their poverty to take Barbara on a trip she may never return from.

A Kiss is a story about survival in many forms. On the surface, it appears to be about two small town friends who move to a big city to make a life for themselves. However, there are much deeper lessons to be learned and they won’t be easy.

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