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By Isis Jones

  • Retail: $14.95



Book Details

Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Type: Fiction
Genre: Fiction - Erotic
Edition: First
Published: 07/20/2017

Sizzle will take you deep into a tangled web of lies, murder and deceit… oh wait, no, that’s another book. Sizzle is just about sex.  Six sexually charged residents of the infamous “Black Cul De Sac” in the heart of Miami try to reprogram a new neighbor with no self control, self respect, or concept of safe sex.  They desperately race against time to teach her their rules and lead her on the road to self love.  Oh wait, it’s not really a desperate race against time, they just can’t have her acting a fool in their cul de sac. Oh did I mention this is some funny shit?

Sizzle takes readers on a hysterical rollercoaster of blind ignorance meets self love. Six sexually charged neighbors go out of their way to reprogram their new sexually challenged neighbor. Readers will bust a seam as they are exposed to what these people will do to make a point and teach a lesson. The next time you try to have unprotected sex, you may get a surprise!

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